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Nourish Kitchen

Located on the Fourth Floor of 10C, the Nourish Kitchen is a shared, public health-inspected commercial kitchen.

Currently, more than 15 food businesses use the space to create their products and offerings, including cooking workshops, meal deliveries, private catering, specialty baking and food item, and farmers’ market preparation.

The Nourish Kitchen is about community, connection and collaboration. The 10C team and community work to uplift and support members, while members also share ideas and resources with each other. The members in the Nourish kitchen are redefining kitchen culture from being ‘notoriously difficult, high-pressure and punishing’ to learning, teaching, sharing and collaborating.

How can we help?

Nourish is a kitchen made to bring creators together. A kitchen designed with the user experience in mind. We can support you and your business with market expertise, provide product support, and guide you through possible challenges.

The Nourish kitchen, located on the fourth floor at 10C Shared Space.

Located on the fourth floor with lots of bright, natural light, use the Nourish Kitchen for a group activity or workshop, or book to pursue your own kitchen activities and initiatives.

Nourish Kitchen is equipped with:

  • Walk-in fridge
  • 2 6-burner Garland Ranges and gas oven
  • 24ft of stainless steel prep space
  • Hi-temp industrial dishwasher
  • 30L industrial stand mixer
  • 2 convection ovens
  • 18” immersion blender
  • Vitamix and Robocoupe
  • A variety of other equipment and small wares

Contact us at info@10carden.ca to inquire about space and availability.

Becoming a Nourish Member

Becoming a Nourish member at 10C will allow you to join forces with the strong and interconnected community of changemakers in the Nourish Kitchen and beyond. You will have access to this beautiful, public health inspected, fourth floor kitchen and work alongside other inspiring food entrepreneurs in our community.

Nourish Membership costs $200 per year and benefits include:

  • Engagement and connection with 10C members and community
  • Opportunity to access kitchen use packages
  • 50% discount on meeting & event space
  • Discount on paid 10C workshops & events
  • Newsletter content submissions & promotional support
  • Promotion of any public-facing events held at 10C
  • Access to all 10C fee for service offerings
  • Use of 10C address as business mailing address
  • Free 1/2 hour consultation with 10C staff
  • Paid access to longer consultation with 10C staff
  • Social media member feature
  • Inclusion in preferred catering list

Find more information and details about Nourish and 10C membership at 10carden.ca/membership-at-10c.

Using the Nourish Kitchen

Nourish Members can use the kitchen weekly or by the hour. We are excited to work with you to find the best arrangement to suit your needs.

Nourish EnterpriseNourish MiniBy the hour (shared)By the hour (private)
Monthly member rate$500$325$25/h$40/h
Maximum weekly hours84
Private use
Dry storage
2 shelves

1 shelf
Walk-in Fridge storage
1 shelf

Package Details

Notes: All rates subject to HST. Additional dry storage available for additional fees. All packages are based on shared kitchen use unless specified otherwise.

Nourish members may be eligible to receive the following discounts:

  • Boost discount for organizations with an annual operating budget of less than $25,000
  • SDGs discount for organizations working toward one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
  • Multi-date discount for groups who book at least 3 recurring events in the same space within 6 weeks
  • Community arts discount for organizations working in the arts
  • Youth programming discount for those groups working with individuals under 24 years of age