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Community Bonds


Invest in social impact with community bonds

The community bond program represents $2.5 million dollars in local investments, which have been generating stable and predictable returns. We have have consistently generated approximately $90,000 in annual interest payments to our current community bond holders each and every year since 2016. That’s investment revenue that stays in the community and supports community goals!

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Community Bond Availability:

In 2021, we reached a key milestone, marking five years since the initial redevelopment of 42 Carden Street. This is also a renewal phase on the initial capital raise, including Series C, D, E and F from the 2016-2021 bonds.

Current renewal rates are approximately 65% and we appreciate each and every investor who has chosen to remain invested in the project. We have upcoming availability with the following investment options:

Series C – 2.75% – minimum investment $1,000
Series E – 3.0% – minimum investment $5,000

If you are interested in adding social impact to your portfolio or furthering your community bond investment, please complete the intake form and a 10C staff team will connect with you.

Interested in learning more?

Reach out with questions or for more information at investment@10carden.ca.

New Appraised Value of 42 Carden Street: Commercial Property Appraisal

All of the Series A-K Community Bonds are registered on a second mortgage and asset-backed by the property at 42 Carden Street which is appraised on a regular basis. This appraised value has increased since 2015:

DateValueIncrease / Decrease
2022$3,700,000+$300,000 *
2021$3,400,000-$430,000 *
2015$2,350,000Initial as-built value

* In March 2021, the appraised value dipped by $430,000 showing the short-term impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on commercial real estate valuations. Due to Guelph’s strong economic factors, this has since recovered in the most recent December 2022 appraisal of $3,700,000.00 – providing increased value backing for our community bond holders. As of July 2023, all community bonds in Series A through J are fully backed by the real estate value of 42 Carden Street.