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The Whimsical Wonders of Black Star Vintage 

Posted on: January 5, 2024

Products: One-of-a-kind vintage jewelry pieces and bookmarks 

Where can you find them at GFM: Saturdays at the Market (year-round) 

Customers’ most loved products: Earrings and bookmarks

Connect: @blackstarvintage, www.blackstarvintage.com

Among the regulars at the Guelph Farmers’ Market is Black Star Vintage, a jewelry booth owned and operated by Margaret-Anne Cripps. Since 2011, Margaret-Anne has been transforming vintage pieces into one-of-a-kind jewelry, capturing the hearts of the community with her enchanting creations. 

Margaret-Anne’s journey at the Guelph Farmers’ Market began in 2010 as an on-call vendor, establishing her presence as a full-time, year-round vendor in the fall of 2011.  Her booth is more than just a mini-marketplace; it allows her to foster meaningful relationships with local customers who appreciate her craft. 

Margaret-Anne’s journey into jewelry design started with a personal touch. “I started by adapting vintage pieces to suit how I wanted to wear them,” she recalls. Friends and family soon requested her creations, and a friend played a crucial role in naming the business Black Star Vintage. 

Margaret-Anne’s collection shines a spotlight on her earrings and bookmarks. Each item she crafts is a testament to the effort and time she invests, occasionally spending years to find the perfect vintage elements for her final products.

You can find Margaret-Anne at the Guelph Farmers’ Market every Saturday and on Thursdays when the market is operating. Explore her beautiful jewelry collection on www.blackstarvintage.com or follow her on Instagram @blackstarvintage.