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A Taste of Thatcher Farms!

Posted on: October 5, 2023

Products: Local cuts of beef, pork, lamb, chicken and turkey

Where can you find them at GFM: Saturdays at the Market (year-round)

Customers’ most loved products: Hand-made pork sausages and bacon!

Connect: www.thatcher-farms.com, @thatcher_farms

Thatcher Farms is a small family farm, offering a variety of quality raised meats. Thatchers’ believes that supporting the local community is integral to the success of a robust food system. Purchasing local meat products not only ensures fresher, tastier, and more nutritious products, but also supports the sustainability of our community food’s ecosystem.

Today, the small but mighty family of 5 works year-round to bring customers homegrown, sustainably produced food. If you visit the farm, you’ll be able to see animals grazing their hay fields and ask questions about how the meat is grown and raised. With years of experience, Thatcher Farms offers delicious products that keep customers coming back!

Farm to table food is a priority for Thatchers. They have one of the first on-farm butcher shops in Ontario! With a shorter food-chain, Thatcher Farms can be innovative and test out new products. Currently, they offer a selection of over 12 flavours of pork sausages. Their smoked summer sausage and pepperettes are also quickly becoming a popular choice as easy on-the-go snacks and delicious additions for school lunches. 

Sustainability has always been a priority for the Thatcher Family. Adopting environmentally-conscious raising practices can lead to more abundant, quality meat products, improve soil quality and cut operation costs. 

Since 2009, Thatchers has been a vendor at the Guelph Farmers’ Market. The Farmers’ Market is a great opportunity for growing businesses because of the diverse customer base and community connections!

 “We have met the most wonderful, lovely customers who are now like friends and family to us! We just adore the vendors and the customer interactions every week!”

-The Thatcher Family

Participating in the Guelph Farmers’ Market has connected Thatchers to other vendors and food businesses in the area, creating local partnerships. 

As part of the Guelph Farmers’ Market community, Thatcher Farms is improving access to sustainably produced meat products. Their determination to strengthen the local food systems supports the Sustainable Development Goals