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Schedule E: Nourish Shared Kitchen Use Guidelines


Your main contact for Nourish kitchen information and inquiries is Nathan Lawr, Community Operations Lead at nathan@10carden.ca and 519.803.8387.

Hours of Use

The kitchen is available for use 24/7. Kitchen users are required to book their time in advance through Nathan. These times set the entire schedule of use, and are only subject to change based on availability.

10C Requirements

As the operator of the Nourish Shared Kitchen space, 10C guarantees that the space:

  1. Provides shared access to regularly-maintained kitchen facilities.
  2. Meets general cleaning standards and guidelines, with members cleaning up their areas after use, and 10C team supporting additional cleaning of the entire facility.
  3. Is inspected by Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health (WDGPH) for compliance with food premise regulations.
  4. Fire suppression systems, including emergency lighting, sprinkler systems and the chemical fire suppression system over the range hood are annually inspected by Spira and Orangeville Fire Equipment for safety and that they are in good repair.
  5. Carries $5 Million General Liability Insurance, as well as additional Director’s Liability and Professional Liability Insurance.
  6. Is used by 10C Staff, Nourish members and kitchen users who are properly oriented and trained on the equipment therein.

10C can provide documentation as requested by members.

Member Requirements

Before being permitted to use the Nourish kitchen space, you must be sure you have met all requirements from 10C Shared Space as well as any other regulatory body, and secured all appropriate licensing.

Prior to your first shift in the kitchen, 10C requires everyone working with food in 10C/Nourish Kitchen facilities to have: 

  1. Read, reviewed and actioned any relevant components within the WDGPH Smart Start Package
  2. Read, reviewed and actioned any relevant content within the Province of Ontario’s Guide to Starting a Home Based Food Business (November 2021). 
  3. Provide a copy of your Safe Food Handlers Certification (there must be a minimum of one SFH certified person in each group). 
  4. Provide a Certificate of Insurance noting $2 million in General Commercial Liability Insurance and naming 10C Shared Space as an additionally insured. If you do not have insurance yet, Duuo Insurance (a division of Co-operators) has relevant packages.
  5. Review the City of Guelph business licensing site, to determine if your project requires a City of Guelph-issued Business License (based on the type of business you are operating).
  6. Take part in a mandatory, on-site kitchen orientation with the kitchen manager prior to your first shift in the kitchen.

If you are selling food for sale to the public, prior to your first shift in the kitchen, 10C requires every kitchen user to:

  1. Provide 10C with a copy of the Notice of Intent to Operate a Food Premises Form that you have submitted to WDGPH.
  2. Provide proof and details of communication with WDGPH and proof of successful WDGPH on-site inspection, as required by WDGPH.
  3. Provide a copy of your City of Guelph-issued business license (if required, based on the type of business you are operating).

Shared Use

All kitchen rates are based on shared use. All kitchen users should assume that their kitchen time will be shared unless previously arranged otherwise with Nathan. 10C does its best to ensure all users have access to the equipment and space they need during shared kitchen times. Additional fees will apply for private kitchen use. All equipment is shared, but members agree not to tamper with other members’ food and equipment items unless given express permission. Please relay any concerns to Nathan directly.


Some on-site food storage is available for Nourish Enterprise and Enterprise Mini users as part of their packages, or at an additional monthly cost for all other Nourish members. Food must be stored in accordance with WDGPH guidelines. Please keep items in your designated storage area. Any items left in the kitchen in the general use fridge, or in an unlabelled area of the walk-in fridge shelving, or other open areas that are not labelled will be removed by 10C staff within 2 days. 

Wind Down

Upon terminating your kitchen use or Nourish membership, all food items and equipment stored at 10C must be removed within 48 hours or they are considered the property of 10C Shared Space.


Each member is responsible for leaving the space clean, including all dishes, kitchen equipment, food prep surfaces, and floors. The specific requirements include:

  • Equipment and dishes are thoroughly washed and returned to their locations
  • All surfaces are clean and sanitized with the provided sanitizing spray
  • Stove and ovens are clean and free of food debris
  • Floors are clean and free of food debris (swept and mopped in the event of liquid waste)
  • When used, the mop bucket is to be drained in the electrical / mop sink room (never in the main sink)
  • Sinks and drains are clean, sanitized and free of food debris
  • Garbage, recycling and green bins are either:
    • at the curb for pick-up
    • put in the city 3 stream “mushroom” bins on the street
  • Oven, dishwasher, range hood fan and lights are turned off
  • Personal equipment and food items are put away and stored in the appropriate places

Kitchen Waste

All kitchen users are responsible for disposing of their waste. 10C follows the City of Guelph’s 3-bin waste collection system. If you do not know which items go into which coloured bin, ask Nathan.

Please use the provided compostable green bags in a bucket for all compost/green waste, then place the bag into the green bin. PLEASE DO NOT PLACE LOOSE GREEN/COMPOST ITEMS in the green bins.


The equipment in the kitchen is the property of 10C Shared Space and should not be removed from the kitchen.  10C strives to have as wide a variety of tools and equipment as possible. If you would like to request certain items that can better support your specific kitchen needs, please be in touch with Nathan (nathan@10carden.ca). 10C Member equipment that stays on-site must be approved by Nathan. Anything equipment stored in the kitchen will presumed to be sharable by other Nourish members. Otherwise, a separate storage area must be secured.


10C is vitally interested in the health and safety of its members. If an injury of any kind or damage to any equipment (whether it is 10C’s or a member’s) occurs, please let us know and we will record on an incident reporting form.


10C is not responsible for lost or stolen items or those left unattended, nor is 10C responsible for unsecured rooms and common areas. We will do our best to label kitchen user storage areas.


In the unlikely event of an emergency during business hours, contact the 10C staff on site immediately. For emergencies that may occur off-hours, please contact any of the following below or CALL 911 IF THE EMERGENCY WARRANTS. We will do our best to respond but may not be immediately available. Please text and/or call: Nathan Lawr (519.803.8387), Julia Grady (519.546.5640) and/or Katie Baikie (519.803.0595).

Links and further information on the relevant documents noted in the member requirements:

  1. Notice of Intent to Operate a Food Premises Form
    This is a single page PDF which is used to initiate a conversation with WDG Public Health.
  2. WDGPH Smart Start Package
  3. City of Guelph Business License
    Businesses selling products and services within Guelph may be required to obtain a Business License from the City of Guelph. The licenses are issued by the Corporate and Community Safety Division and are designed to protect the citizens of the community. Applicants must ensure that Building, Fire and Bylaw regulations are complied with. Other specialized businesses such as hair salons and aesthetician salons or businesses where food products are prepared and sold must also obtain approval from Wellington Dufferin Guelph Public Health after the submission of their application.
  4. Safe Food Handlers Certification
    Section 32 of the Ontario Food Premises Regulation 493/17 requires that there is at least one food handler or supervisor on-site in a food service premise during every hour the premise is operating. Members of 10C staff have SFHC and we require that one person in each of our Nourish member users has SFHC.

    To obtain further information on how to obtain food handler certification, visit https://wdgpublichealth.ca/clinics-classes/food-safety-training-certification

    Please note that WDGPH does not offer training at this time. On the web site link above is information including links to the following Online Courses (Self-Instructed), which offer quality training in preparation to write the food handler exam. Please note that it is only necessary to complete one course of your choice.
  5. General Commercial Liability Insurance
    This is insurance covering the operations of your business, and is usually one of the first steps people put in place when starting a business. If you do not have insurance yet, Duuo insurance (a division of Co-operators) has relevant packages for Small Business Insurance, Vendor Insurance (Farmers’ Markets) and Events Insurance.