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Room Booking Quick Guide

Welcome to 10C!

Below is a summary of helpful information and reminders for your upcoming booking. Please visit Schedule D for more information about policies and guidelines for your booking.

Booking time
You may access your booked space at the start of your booking time and must be out of the space by the end of your booking time. Please arrive at or after the start of your booking time and leave the space by the end time of your booking. Arriving early or staying late may result in additional booking charge.

All booking fees are due 30 days before meeting or event start or, if booked under 30 days, fees are due at the time of booking. Bookings cancelled 8 – 14 days prior to the event date will be refunded 70% of booking fees. Other than extenuating circumstances, booking fees associated with any bookings cancelled within 7 days are non-refundable.

Accessing the space
10C’s regular business hours are Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm. During this time, 10C
will have a host at the front desk who is able to direct your guests. Outside of regular business hours, you will need to unlock the door and direct your guests. At no time should the front door be propped open. Contact Nate if you need after-hours access.

Cleaning & Garbage
Meeting and event spaces should be left how you found them, including washing any dishes used and removing any garbage and waste created. Please note that failure to leave the room in a clean and undamaged condition (including the equipment therein) may lead to a $50-$100 cleaning fee, or more for damaged equipment or space, and failure to remove the waste from your meeting or event space will result in a $50 fee.

Set-up and clean-up
All booking times are inclusive of any set-up and clean-up time required. Set-up for the
specific needs of your meeting (arranging patterns for tables and chairs, location for
technology, welcome/sign-in tables, etc.) is your responsibility. 10C staff will ensure all
required equipment is available in the space for you, as requested in advance through Nate.

There are several different wifi networks throughout the building. The password for all of them is: changemakers

Ask Nate which network is the best for your spot in the building. Please let us know if you have any connectivity issues.

All booking fees are due 30 days before meeting or event start or, if booked under 30 days, fees are due at the time of booking. Payments can be paid via Square either online or at the 10C Host Desk, cheque payable to “10C Shared Space”, direct payment, paypal, or e-transfer to info@10carden.ca with the password: Guelph2050

10C is not responsible for lost or stolen items or those left unattended, nor is 10C responsible for unsecured rooms and common areas. Please DO NOT remove any keys from any doors. If you’re concerned about your belongings, please talk to Nate.

This is a shared space. Microphones and amplification equipment are not permitted in meeting and event rooms during regular business hours, as this may affect our co-tenants and other Meeting Room users. Computer speakers at a reasonable volume are permitted and we ask you to be courteous of those around you. Please talk to Nate if you have questions related to the specifics of your event.

In the unlikely event of an emergency during business hours, contact the 10C staff on site
immediately. For emergencies that may occur off-hours, please contact any of the following or CALL 911 IF THE EMERGENCY WARRANTS. We will do our best to respond but may not be immediately available.

Please text and/or call: Nathan Lawr (519.803.8387), Julia Grady (519.546.5640) and/or Katie Baikie (519.803.0595)

Did we miss something?

Let us know! We’d like to make sure this is useful for all current and future 10C Members. Reach out to Nate with your suggestions.