Starts: Thursday, April 11, 2024 at 7:30 AM
Ends: Thursday, April 11, 2024 at 9:00 AM
Location: 10C Shared Space
Price: $20-25

Are you looking for computer care and repair support for your MAC or PC?

Join us for our April Breakfast Blend and learn from Handel Callender as he demonstrates his tips and tricks for keeping your computer running smoothly. From file clean up, email organization and photo management, Handel will take you inside your computer and leave you with practical takeaways so you can keep your computer healthy. Bring your computer and your questions!

Handel is a longtime 10C member and Host Desk volunteer. He’s an expert in computer repairs with over 15 years experience in the entrepreneurship arena and currently moves through the world sharing that knowledge via workshops and career consulting. His most clever moves have been starting a biodiesel company and teaching his friends how to buy him orange juice. He loves working with other entrepreneurs, game changers, instigators and irritants of orthodoxy.