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Nii’kinaaganaa (All Our Relations)

About the project

Nii’kinaaganaa (All Our Relations) is an Indigenous-led, ally-supported, anti-racism intention focused on the reclamation of Indigenous Food Sovereignty and Indigenous Food Security (IFS/IFS). This will build and strengthen sustainable land-based practices, honour food and develop intercultural community building skills.

This project takes place over the 2022-2024 growing season(s) as a lived-experience of Anishinaabeg ways of being, living, doing, and is experienced together in good ways for the generations to come. This work brings forward important cultural awareness and understanding with shared knowledges, intentionality and relationality between diverse participants, with both Indigenous and those working as allies. This visioning, shaping of the path, and the following and reflection of the journey will ensure a sustainable, resilient, transformative understanding for building each other up.

To implement this project, IFS/IFS Collectives are working in collaboration, relationship and reciprocity with three strong community allies – Guelph Neighbourhood Support Coalition (GNSC), Royal City Mission, The Guelph Community Health Centre, The SEED, 10C Shared Space and Ignatius Farm who are highly regarded by many Anishinaabeg. Our relationships with each other have involved the reciprocal gifting of asemaa and include the Two Row Wampum, Dish With One Spoon, and the Polishing of the Chain Covenants.

Together, these activities which are led and experienced by both Indigenous and Allies (including those learning / unlearning and beginning to act in allied ways) create cross-cultural opportunities, through experiencing and learning about each other.

Through this project, it is clear to see the generosity of Indigenous Community in welcoming and sharing the complexities and beauty of cultural ways with those who truly, and with integrity, open their hearts. The walking of this path of learning and sharing together is what Two Row Wampum teachings are all about. Many more opportunities are still needed to practice and celebrate this unique worldview. Intentionality to pursue and practice Two Row Wampum has made, and continues to make, this a successful journey.

Together, we

  • Experience collaborators’ visioning of Nii’kinaaganaa within Anishinaabe governance.
  • Take steps to prepare for ceremonies for naming of lands, which will be in preparation to work with traditional and ancestral land and water-based practices of stewardship.
  • All participants will experience traditional knowledge, building ancestral skills by producing, gathering, gleaning, foraging, saving seeds, preparing, preserving and storing food.
  • Respond to emergency situations in the community in the Anishinaabe way by focusing on supporting unhoused people living in encampments to allow for long-term access to nourishing traditional foods
  • Feast foods grown and gathered from the reciprocally gifted Soft Pasture at Ignatius Farm are prepared by IFS/IFS Collective, along with Allies at Royal City Mission and 10C Shared Space. 10C gifts place and space at both 10C and Guelph Farmers’ Market to support the activities of this project. All participants will deepen their sharing practices, including strengthening Anishinaabeg reciprocal relationships with other IFS/IFS Collectives.
  • In Anishinaabeg Ways, Reciprocity is an integral component of each part of this Path. Reciprocity is practiced with all who contribute and aligns with seasonal changes. Those Indigenous who prepare and serve also share in feasting. Abundance beyond this reciprocity will be shared – in reciprocity – with Indigenous families. This output is a balance of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual growth in relational ways with All of Our Relations.


We acknowledge the support of the Canadian Race Relations Foundation with funding provided by the Government of Canada.