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Member Mentorship Services

We are thrilled to be able to offer mentorship services to our members. This service is designed to be an affordable and efficient way to receive business or non-profit organizational guidance and support for those at any point along their journey. There are several packages available for mentorship services.

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About the Mentors

Our 10C member mentors are trusted, experienced advisors in their fields. They can provide support and expertise in many different areas. Mentorship and support can be targeted to one specific issue or may be to look at several, including:

  • Business planning and goal-setting
  • Financial management and analysis
  • Product development and circular innovation
  • Marketing, communications and promotion
  • Fundraising strategy development and execution
  • Funding application development
  • Leadership, HR and organizational development
  • Impact measurement and evaluation
  • And others as requested.

How it works

  1. A Member reaches out to 10C staff (Jess at jess@10carden.ca) or use this form to let us know what you’re looking for.
  2. 10C staff arrange a 30 minute phone call or in person meeting to learn more about your needs.
  3. We look into our mentor list to connect with a mentor or mentors that may be a good fit, based on area of need, type of business/organization, stage, geographical location and other factors.
  4. 10C staff connect Member and Mentor for a free, one-hour initial conversation to align on goals, make a plan and ensure the match is a good fit.
  5. With guidance from their mentor or mentors, Member selects and pays for a plan (see below).
  6. Member and Mentor are free to schedule mentorship sessions at a cadence that works best for their needs and the package they have selected.
  7. Mentor reports on mentorship hours to 10C staff – we handle payments and tracking and will be in touch with both for feedback as the process unfolds.
  8. 10C staff are available for check-ins, questions and additional support as needed.

All packages include:

  • Free 30 minute intake conversation and initial one-hour meeting with mentor to determine needs and make a plan
  • Meeting space at 10C at no additional cost
  • Ability to accrue mentorship time month-to-month, however all hours must be used within the duration of the plan as is applicable (i.e. one year or six months) 
  • Mentor can use hours offline to review and edit documents
  • Option to sign-up for additional packages or hours as needed
  • Flexible and customizable mentorship options as is identified by Member, Mentor and 10C staff


Annual (12 months)

Mentorship HoursSliding Scale PaymentPay per month for 12 months (30 minutes accrued per month)
6$520.00 – $675.00$43.33 – $56.25
12$970.00 – $1,350.00$80.83 – $112.50
24$1,905.00 – $2,430.00$158.75 – $225.00
All prices subject to HST.

Biannual (6 months)

Mentorship HoursTotalPay per month for 6 months (60 minutes accrued per month)
6$520.00 – $675.00$86.67 – $112.50
12$970.00 – $1,350.00$161.67 – $225.00
24$1,905.00 – $2,430.00$317.50 – $405.00
All prices subject to HST.

By the hour

HoursPer hour
TBD$87 – $112.50
All prices subject to HST.


Please reach out to Member Engagement & Success Lead, Jess Barrie, at jess@10carden.ca.