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Art @ 10C: Colleen Telford

Posted on: May 2, 2023

The 10C main floor Gallery has come to life with yet another beautiful exhibit installation. For the month of May, we welcome Colleen Telford and her exhibit, Into the Forest.

Colleen’s current body of work is an experimental journey through colour and texture. Ranging from muted, almost gloomy, landscapes to vibrant pieces representing movement indicative of our natural world, this work embraces the many ways she view the environment around and within her.  This exhibit is inspired by Colleen’s lifelong appreciation for nature and its ability to heal and protect.

Drop in Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm to see Colleen’s show throughout the month of May!

About Colleen

Colleen Telford, born and raised in Guelph, is a self taught artist who sees and understands what the natural world can teach us about the strength of being human. Through her life she has shown immense creativity and versatility by exploring different mediums from photography, professional floral design, and water colour to her current acrylic paintings.

Colleen has developed a technique of layering acrylic paint that portrays the balance between the stability of the trees in these natural scenes with the ever changing environment in which they live. She believes that trees are very much representative of hope, strength, and resilience. The environment which they grow is often more so the focus in these paintings and make us really sit with the story being told reflecting the peace, calm, chaos, messiness and violence we all experience in our lifetime. We may be faced with circumstances, situations, and environments that can be challenging but we always have the choice to stay firmly planted and grow beyond pain and trauma.

As someone who is a survivor of domestic violence, Colleen is a testament to the strength and resilience we can gain through chaos beyond our control. Through painting, she is able to process these events and heal from them. Much like the trees never ending growth, Colleen sees her artistic journey as an evolution and can’t wait to see what inspirations and techniques she will find next.