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Art @10C: I shouldn’t have cut MY HAIR

Posted on: April 2, 2024

In I shouldn’t have cut MY HAIR, I delve into the complex interplay between chaos and order, employing watercolor and pencil crayon to explore the shifting landscapes of emotion and psyche.

Through abstract forms and textures, I seek to evoke the inherent tension between control and spontaneity. The use of watercolor lends itself to the fluidity and unpredictability of human experience, while the subtle nuances of pencil crayon suggest a quest for structure amidst the chaos.

As the project unfolds, it transcends its origins of natural views to encompass broader themes of introspection and resilience. Abstract compositions serve as vessels for contemplation, inviting viewers to explore their own relationship with chaos and connection.

Through my artwork, I aim to provoke reflection and dialogue, encouraging viewers to find meaning in the fluid boundaries between order and disorder.

Katherine Percival is an emerging artist and educator based in Guelph.  A member of the Colour and Form Society, she has exhibited her work at venues such as Necessary Arts Gallery, Etobicoke Civic Centre Art Gallery, and Woodstock Art Gallery.

Blue and purple mixed media artwork with geometric shapes