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Art @ 10C: Double Dream

Posted on: April 3, 2023

Double Dream: A Shared Art Show by Eleanor Stewart and Alexander Hernandez

The 10C main floor Gallery has come to life with yet another beautiful exhibit installation.

For the month of April, we welcome Double Dream, a collaborative exhibition between Alexander Hernandez and Eleanor Stewart. Their individual practices hold similar dream-like qualities of surrealism, colour, and exploration. The exhibition features a collection of Hernandez’s digitally created collages and Stewart’s unique illustrations that showcase both of their individual styles to create a world of unrealities and visual experiences.

Drop in Monday to Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm to see the show throughout the month of April!

About the Artists

Eleanor Stewart is an emerging artist based in Guelph and Ottawa. While studying Studio Art and Mathematics at the University of Guelph, she creates bright and bold illustrations. Using paint markers, gouache, coloured pencils, and acrylic paint, Stewart’s stylised imagery and ideas aim to produce joy within herself and others. Her work is full of long limbs, hands, and unusual combinations of subject matter tied together with brilliant colours.

Alexander Hernandez is the creative artist behind the contemporary surreal art endeavour DIGOUTTHESKY. Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, he sought an artistic outlet and found great liberation in collage/mixed media art. Being able to slice elements, arrange colours and invent new worlds gave Hernandez the creative expressions he craved. The overall concept and theme behind his work is an attempt at recreating what dreams are made of. Hernandez’s artwork and ideas try to create worlds and places that don’t exist in the real world but are something you would find within a dream. The artwork is meant to take the observer from their real-world into something outside of everyday existence.