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Elastic Leader: 10C’s Julia Grady

Posted on: March 17, 2023

10C’s Executive Director Julia Grady has been spotted out in the world again!

You’ll find Julia Grady in Dr. Rebecca Sutherns’ newest blog post, which discusses the importance of imagination in leadership and shines the spotlight on Julia and Jennifer Hutton of Women’s Crisis Services of Waterloo Region, who both beautifully exemplify this quality.

Read the blog post here or learn more about Dr. Sutherns’ book “ELASTIC: Stretch without snapping or snapping back” here (and find a conversation with Julia in the chapter on imagination!)

What is ELASTIC leadership? In Dr. Sutherns’ own words, “People are constantly being asked to stretch – in too many directions and for too long. It feels unsustainable. ELASTIC draws on a metaphor, an acronym and a series of conversations with inspiring community-based leaders to help you understand what’s happening and explore practical strategies to build “stretchiness” in yourself and with others.”

Photo of Julia Grady with an orange shawl in front of book shelves.