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Meet 10C Changemaker: Kim

Posted on: November 2, 2023

“Nothing For Us, Without Us” – James Charlton

Kim Richer (she/her) believes in working toward a better community, together.

Kim is part of Food Uniting Neighbours (f.u.n.), a group of Community Advisors that is working with the community, each other, 10C, and the University of Guelph to create a sustainable food security future for the Onward Willow Neighbourhood in Guelph, with a goal of creating programs that can be replicated in other communities.

Kim believes that addressing food insecurity in the community is a vital step to healing the community she lives in. Kim has seen many changes in the 23 years she has lived as a single mother of three children in the Onward Willow Neighbourhood. Kim’s neighbourhood is well known for the resources it had, for many years, under the Better Beginnings Better Futures funding; however, as that funding came to an end, so did almost all the resources, training and connections. Kim is grateful to have been able to utilize many of the resources in her neighbourhood prior to funding cuts, and she hopes to find ways to bring some back to the community. Joining f.u.n. is one way that Kim is trying to assist other community members in building a sustainable future of learning, connecting, and working together on common goals for the community with the community.

Kim has had opportunities to challenge some of her past beliefs and work on some new ways of thinking through the f.u.n. initiative. She has seen growth within herself and her community and is working to see regular funding and partnerships within all neighbourhoods that create monthly opportunities for learning and growing together – this includes access to food, childcare and spaces to make new connections or strengthen relationships that are already in place.

Kim is a 10C changemaker became she recognizes community assets and builds from them.