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Meet 10C Changemakers: Clement & Stephanie

Posted on: October 13, 2023

Stephanie and Clement, a husband and wife team, were born and raised in Indonesia. After relocating to Canada in 2019 for Stephanie to pursue her Master’s in Food Science at UofG, through her work and research, she found a gap in the market for high-quality tempeh.

Both Stephanie and Clement are focused on innovating plant-based protein sources as a way to address environmental challenges. They are focused on health and well-being, while working towards circularity by reducing plastic with their business Tempeh Goodness. They are currently the sole producer of non-soy tempeh in Eastern Canada using Ontario-grown non-GMO soybeans. They partner with local farmers and are focused on innovation at every stage of their work.

As Nourish kitchen members at 10C, they are collaborating with food entrepreneurs to test and bring their products to market while leading the change for local food innovation. To learn more about Tempeh, its health and environmental benefits, visit: https://tempehgoodness.ca/