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Meet 10C Changemakers: Jaber, Fysal and Baset

Posted on: November 27, 2023

Meet 10C Changemakers Jaber Husiny, Fysal Husiny, Baset Husiny; the brothers behind Ona’s Bakery!

Ona’s Bakery is an ode to the brothers’ Afghani culture. After migrating to Canada from Andkhoy, Afghanistan 21 years ago, the brothers wanted a way to share one of their favourite traditional foods: the Pouchak.

Growing up, their mom would make this savoury pastry, which is typically filled with beef, onion, and spices. The brothers found a way to elevate this comfort food by putting a spin on their mom’s secret recipe. In the Uzbeki language, ‘Ona’ means Mother/Mom, hence the name of their business being Ona’s Bakery. Their goal is to share their culture and food with the greater community.

As Nourish members, the brothers use 10C’s 4th floor shared commercial kitchen to prepare their Pouchak, fill online orders and grow their business.

Jaber, Fysal and Baset are changemakers because they building a strong local independent entrepreneurial sector using food.

You can sample their Pouchak every Saturday morning at the Guelph Farmers’ Market or at Take Home the Holidays on December 7, 14 and 21. Follow along on their journey @onasbakery on Instagram.

Meet 10C Changemakers Jaber Husiny, Fysal Husiny, Baset Husiny - the brothers behind Ona's Bakery