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Meet the Team: Emily Aimola

Posted on: August 2, 2023

Emily Aimola is working as one of 10C’s Farmers’ Market Assistants this summer, supporting the Market Operations Lead. So far this has included engaging with market vendors to create a sense of community, supporting the financial parts of the market, and “connecting all of the pieces between 10C and the Guelph Farmers’ Market together.” More recently, her role includes communications support to promote the Guelph Farmers’ Market and its vendors at events and on social media.

Prior to her role at 10C, Emily has had an eclectic career path. Initially, she studied Tourism and Travel, but decided that she wanted to switch to a line of work that was more sustainably focused. She worked in the food industry in a variety of jobs, from urban farming to working as “a chef in one of the most highly rated bars in Australia.” When she returned to Canada, Emily applied to many programs and ended up choosing to study Geography at the University of Guelph. She is especially interested in GIS systems and is selecting courses that cover mapping, programming, and geomatics.

10C was a place of interest for Emily since her first experience with Minga, a skills course that operated through 10C. “I am an avid human volunteer and I was looking for different ways to meet community members, and 10C was the place to do that.” She started at 10C as a Host Desk volunteer, and has many aspirations for her new role. She is focused on Farmers’ Market health and safety, especially since the market began construction and renovations in 2022. She is hoping to further build a sense of community with market vendors and support them throughout the construction process.

Beyond her time at 10C, Emily hopes to use mapping and GIS for “real world mapping projects for food accessibility.” Working at 10C has been inspiring because she has been exposed to projects that incorporate geography and mapping into positive community change. Emily also wants to help people learn about food access so that they can care about it as much as she does. 

You can find Emily in the 10C building and at the Guelph Farmers’ Market office. Be sure to say hello if you encounter her on Thursday and Saturday market days!

In her spare time, Emily likes to read, bike, and cook.