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Member Spotlight: Callista Baumgartner

Posted on: September 15, 2023

Callista Baumgartner is a full-time coworker at 10C! For the last 10 years, Callista has been working remotely in the San Francisco Health-Tech Industry. 

Although Callista has previously worked in other coworking spaces in the United States, since moving to Guelph in 2015, she had been working at different coffee shops around the city. “I was spending so much money at the cafe. It’s less expensive to come here [to 10C]. So I’m saving money, I gained a network, and I gained you know, just peace of mind.” – Callista

Callista was attracted to 10C for many reasons. “It’s a really nice space. I really like that you have a couple of different levels of quiet you can choose from, so there’s a lot of variety for what you’re looking for.” – Callista 

Working from 10C has offered a space that’s different from a home office. As a busy mom of twins, working in a family household can be difficult. Coming into an office allows you to separate your work and personal life. 

As a new member, Callista is happy to be part of an inclusive community. “The people are lovely. I really have thoroughly enjoyed every single person I’ve met here. It’s such a welcoming feeling coming here. It’s almost like Cheers”. – Callista

Callista has been really impressed with her positive interactions at 10C. From first inquiring about a coworking space to finding an office that best suits her needs, the team at 10C has been supportive throughout every step of the way. 

Since joining the 10C network, she’s already made connections with the Guelph community and is in the process of collaborating with two environmentally conscious organizations in the area! She’s even looking to 10C’s Nourish Kitchen members to cater an event she’s hosting in the fall. 

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