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Schedule A: General Terms & Conditions

Changes to Fees

Membership Fees, Coworking Package Fees, Event and Meeting Space, Nourish Kitchen Fees, and fees for Additional Charges may be increased with 60 days written notice from 10C. Please note that while 10C may change fees from time to time, contracted fees noted in the Space Sharing Agreement will not change during the period of the contract, any fee changes will be applied upon renewal or renegotiation for a subsequent term.

Forms of Payment

Currently, 10C accepts payments by cash, cheque, EFT (electronic fund transfer) or online through Stripe, Square and Paypal.


In order to make spaces as financially accessible as possible, we have a suite of discounts that might be available. These discounts are to be offered at the discretion of 10C staff.

Business Guidelines

 10C makes no representation about whether your Member/ Community Space Use activities comply with legal requirements and you are to satisfy yourself that your intended use of the Services is in compliance with all laws, by-laws and government rules and regulations. You are responsible for obtaining the proper licenses and permits for your business as needed. This may include Business Licenses and Public Health Approvals.

Use of Services

10C’s mission is to provide shared work and meeting space primarily for social change enterprises, organizations and individuals. All members are welcomed as a part of this community because 10C is aligned with the value and goals of your project as they have been described. You may not use the Services for any unlawful or offensive purposes, as determined by 10C in its sole discretion. You may not do anything or permit anything to be done that may cause an increase to the premiums or cancellation of insurance of 10C or any other entity.


  1. Memberships are valid for one year from start or renewal date. 
  2. When fees are due: Membership fees are due upon your start or renewal date. Any charges for additional services provided by 10C or use of amenities beyond those included in your membership will be invoiced monthly and are due on delivery of the invoice.
  3. Termination: Your membership may be terminated early as follows:
  • By 10C Notice: 10C may terminate this Agreement at any time by giving you at least 60 days written notice.
  • By Breach: 10C may end your membership immediately if you fail to pay any of the Fees or Additional Charges when due or if you breach any other term of this Agreement, including a breach of any 10C policy as determined by 10C, that in the sole opinion of 10C, calls for termination. Despite termination of this Agreement, you will continue to be responsible for all payments due under this Agreement until the end of the Term.

Limitation of Liability

10C is not responsible for any loss or damage sustained by the Member or anyone for whom the Member is responsible, resulting directly or indirectly from the use of the Services, facilities or amenities provided by 10C, or for any reason at any time whether during or after the term of this agreement, except if the loss or damage is caused by the gross negligence or willful act of 10C. The Member agrees to indemnify 10C from any Claims arising from the use of the Services, facilities or amenities provided by 10C, by the Member or anyone the Member is responsible for, or arising from a breach of this Agreement by the Member. This paragraph is for the protection of 10C and will survive termination of this Agreement.


10C holds $5,000,000 of General Commercial Liability Insurance to appropriately insure its operations at all 10C locations. This insurance includes general liability relating to 10C employees, members, occupants, volunteers, visitors and those working within the building. 10C does not insure or directly protect the personal equipment of cotenants or coworkers, nor does it extend any liability coverage resulting from food made, services delivered or sold by members or independent businesses on these premises. 10C encourages you to speak with an insurance broker to obtain insurance that suits your specific needs including commercial general liability insurance, tenant insurance, legal liability insurance and or party and alcohol liability insurance for special events. 10C requires that you have appropriate insurance coverage on file and documented with your membership information. 10C can provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) on request, and can (on request) name your organization as additional insured, and 10C may similarly ask to be named as additional insured on your insurance policy.

Services & Utilities

10C may need to carry out certain repairs or upgrades to our equipment and facilities (Work). Though 10C will always use its best efforts to minimize any interruption to you or your business, depending on the nature of the Work, Services may be temporarily unavailable without notice.

Furniture & Equipment

All furniture and equipment that 10C provides to you as part of the Services belongs to 10C. To keep the shared spaces and open concept coworking space functioning, you agree that you will not alter or move any furniture or equipment supplied to you without the permission of 10C staff. You will be charged for any furniture or equipment that is damaged, lost, or altered. Furniture in private offices can be moved, but changes to walls, shelves, etc must be approved by 10C staff.

Removal & Return of Property

On termination of your membership and/or space use contract, you are responsible for removing Member Property and returning to 10C all of its property, including any KISI access cards and door keys. Member Property that remains after termination will be considered to be abandoned and 10C will take possession of or dispose of such property if left after termination of lease agreement. You are responsible for any cost incurred by 10C for removing or disposing of Member Property left behind after termination of your membership.

Rules & Policies

Over time and through experience, there may be a need for 10C to change or add rules and policies regarding your use of the Services. 10C will strive to provide 60 days notice regarding any changes or additions that will affect your use of Services. As a condition of your membership and space use agreement, you agree to abide by any rules or policies of 10C existing now, or in the future.

No Nuisance

10C is a shared community hub. It is important that you do not unduly disturb others. In using the Services, you agree that you, or anyone you allow in the Premises will not do anything that, in the opinion of 10C, is dangerous or causes a nuisance. For the benefit of the community, you agree to clean up after yourself, your employees or guests and to act with care to maintain the security of the Premises and the comfort and safety of those sharing space in the 10C community.

Promotion & Branding

By signing this Agreement, you allow 10C to use the name of your organization in 10C’s promotion material.


10C will deliver notice to you under this Agreement to the email address provided in this agreement. Notice may be given to 10C by email (info@10carden.ca). All notices delivered will be deemed to have been received on the date the email is sent.

No Release

You agree that termination of this Agreement does not release you from your obligation to pay any Fees or Additional Charges due under this Agreement.

No Assignment

This Agreement is between you and 10C. You cannot assign your membership to any other person or organization, including sub-letting, sub-tenancy or for the purpose of securing a loan.


The rights and liabilities under this Agreement will benefit and bind the successors, heirs and permitted assigns of the parties.


You understand that if any provision or portion of this Agreement is deemed to be invalid or unenforceable, the remaining provisions of this Agreement will remain in full force and effect.